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13 Best Travel Apps Every Traveller Must Have


Who, in 2017, still needs travel planners and paper maps when we have Travel Apps that are more than perfect? You need these travel Apps on your smartphones when booking your trip, in your day to day life at your destination, and basically everywhere?

In this article, I’ll highlight some of the most essential travel apps that I’ve used and their pros and cons, and alternatives, if any.



With Uber App, all you need to know is your destination. When travelling and don’t have hard cash, all you need to do is find a WiFi zone, call a Uber Taxi to take you back to your hotel.

Go clubbing without worrying about driving home, thanks to this travel app. Choose to pay using your credit card or cash. Most of the cities I’ve travelled to, I’ve found Uber fares slightly lower than normal taxi fares.

Uber is available  in 75 countries and 450 cities, so be assured you’ll find Uber taxis almost everywhere you go.




Duolingo App is very useful when travelling to a country which doesn’t speak your language. For example, I use Duolingo to translate words to English when travelling to non-English Speaking Countries.

This travel app gives you access to 23 different languages with a generous free Plan which can still be accessed offline upon downloading a few language packages

Duolingo makes learning a new language so much fun with its notifications and rewards once you achieve a certain level. The learning method is also engaging and extensive.


Google Translate

This is an alternative to Duolingo which gives you access to 27 languages featuring faster voice translations. The only challenge is due to the difference in accents, the app may pick a different word hence distorting the intended meaning.

Another alternative would be Rosetta Stone.



When travelling you often don’t have access to Wi-Fi and just don’t want to send that Telcom company CEO on vacation for paying insane roaming charges.

Travel Apps like Maps.Me allows you to download the map of your destination when you have access to WiFi which you can then use offline.

When I take a taxi when travelling, I usually navigate using my Maps.Me just to be sure the driver is driving in the right direction.


Google Maps

This is an alternative to Maps.Me. Google Maps can be used online when you have data, and offline.



Stay in touch with friends and family back home for free using Viber. It’s free to call and text as long as you have internet access. Viber is available on IOS and Android.



I’ve only met one young person who didn’t know WhatsApp. That tells you how popular this App is that allows you to make free internet calls, send messages, share photos, videos, and documents.

All you need is a smart phone and internet, download WhatsApp on IOS or Google Play store and voila!


Currency Converter

When travelling, most prices are quoted in the destination currency, or in United States Dollar, in some countries outside the US.

This travel app will help you convert these prices to your home currency super fast, and before the waiter returns, you’re ready to order your meal.



Travelling by bus, train, bicycle, ferries, flight? Just type your location and your destination and this travel app will tell you your travel time, and departure and arrival times.

The page format is simple which makes everything you’re looking for visible at a glance.




Is the weather today pleasant for hiking? Do we have an upcoming storm? Since you’re travelling to a city different from your city/town, it’s important to be aware of the weather. This makes your trip enjoyable, without surprises.



Would you rather stay offline when travelling or spend your dolars on roaming charges? As the Wiffinity Company puts it, you have every right to be online, even when travelling.

Wiffinity App allows you to easily connect to WIFI locations when travelling.

This travel app features an interactive WIFI map, which helps you to find and share WIFI hotspots for free. The bonus is that you don’t need to register before use. is essential if travelling to multiple destinations and you don’t want to book all your accommodations in advance.

This app helps you to find hotels/hostels/apartments, compare prices, chose which attraction to stay near, reserve accommodation, and cancel in case you change plans.

Be sure to check reviews provided by past clients before you book an accommodation.



This is a hostel version of that connects you with all the available hostels in the world.

If you’re a budget traveller/backpacker, this is your App.

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What are your favourite apps when travelling? Did I leave them out? Add it in the comments box below.


Happy Travels.




Comments (6)

  1. Very insightful. Especially the getting around apps,those are must have.

  2. I’ve used Duolingo to learn Italian in the past. I agree with you, it’s so much fun and easy to use.

    1. Ciao Kate!
      Glad Duo helped you with some Italian. He makes my Spanish lessons so much fun too.
      Buon viaggio xx

  3. I use all of them. They make travelling quite easy, especially if solo 😁😁

  4. Great list. I usually struggle with things like last minute hotel booking and currency conversion whenever I’m overseas so thankful that apps are invented, it’s really useful and handy.

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