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Why You Should Attend The Annual Niagara Ice Wine Festival


It’s a choice to cuddle up by the heater in the house with a mug of hot chocolate on your hand during winter. It is also a choice to dress up warmly and get out to Niagara ice wine festival and enjoy great views, lovely people with a glass of ice wine on your hand.

As an adventurous tropical girl who found herself in Canada in the middle of winter, remaining indoors at -15 degrees Celsius was not an option. I joined a bunch of strangers in Toronto and carpooled to Niagara for the 2018 ice wine festival.

Niagara Ice Wine Festival is all about three weekends of the BEST ice wine, food, and music in Ontario.

For three weekends in January, the small town of Niagara-on-the-lake turns into a winter wonderland in celebration of Canadian ice wine. Niagara ice wine festival begins every January 19th and runs on weekends through to January 28th with different events happening in different venues across the Niagara wine region.

  • Niagara Falls Ice wine Festival at the Scotia Bank Convention Centre
  • Niagara-on-the-Lake Ice wine Festival along Queen Street
  • Twenty Valley Winter Winefest at Niagara’s Twenty Valley


Niagara ice wine festival with My Global Attitude


Niagara Icewine Festival-2018 with MyGlobalAttitude


Buy your tokens at specific stands which you will use to redeem wine and food in different stands. Worth noting, the above three events run independently thus tokens purchased for one cannot be redeemed on another.

Niagara Ice wine festival is all about three weekends of the BEST ice wine, food, and music drawing crowds from all over Ontario and the US. The exhibitors do a great job in telling you about the different wines, the age and a little bit about the winery which makes that wine.


Arrival Times and Parking

As you can imagine people drive from all over Ontario and Canada to get a taste of the liquid gold, parking slots available fill up real quick. Arrive early enough to secure a parking spot, otherwise, you may have to park in the neighborhood and walk to the venue. I promise you the wind chill from the falls can be brutal.


Dressing for Niagara Ice wine Festival

Since this event happens in winter, it is obvious that you will need to dress in your layers and the heaviest jacket you have in your closet. I noticed a few people who brought their pets with some which were not properly dressed struggling to cope. This year’s ice wine festival was really cold and windy but most of all FUN.


Niagara ice wine festival with My Global Attitude


Other Attractions

Besides the ice wine and music, we strolled through the historic streets of Niagara-On-The-Lake towards the river. The views were amazing and it was also a great way to shake up all the wine and food we had consumed.

If you are adventurous and happen to visit in summer, try this roller coaster ride, the Whirlpool jet boat tour.


Niagara Icewine Festival-2018 with MyGlobalAttitude


Niagara Ice wine festival with My Global Attitude


Gourmet Restaurants and Cafes

If you love food then Niagara-On-The-Lake offers you fantastic cafes and restaurants to choose from. Just by walking along Queen Street alone, you will be spoiled for choice.

I am sure you’re already looking forward to next winter so as to make wiser winter choices, like attending the Niagara ice wine festival.

See you there.

Caroline | My Global Attitude

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