African Sunset with My Global Attitude

My Love Affair With The African Sunset



Welcome to the Jamboree

Lifestyle fresh free

At The supremacy of Africa

Jungle wilderness

At Sundowners bay

Mountains so refreshing

Nature so virgin

And beauty so ecstatic

A magnetic dreamland

To forever Treasure

Memories to die for

With evening lyrical musica

From the retiring birds

Praising loudly

The awe of success

A day well spent

Her majesty, the African sunset


And as the evening rolls


She walks majestically

Down the aisle

Flaring her beautiful galore

And at the peak of her peacock

Always an invite to party

With evening breeze all rocking

And the aroma Of the BBQ

A toss to your saliva

A silhouette resort

An evening crystalline

Love in the air

As the sun mirages kisses

The beautiful skies

Leaving rainbow flowery

And magical touch to them Horizons

A true reason…

To forever be here! Any season

With her Majesty, the African Sunset


Anytime you feel relaxing

Tired or feeling fresh

Always  golden chance to explore

Show and blow

The beauty of sweat

As You dismantle The sweetness

Of our dreamland

Have a taste of True Africa

Antique so unique

Lifestyle so energizing

Experience so tantalizing

Because this is home

Home of champions and humanity

Wildlife and your wild life

and her majesty, the African Sunset.


Karibu Africa.

African Sunset with My Global Attitude




For more of his poems visit his Poem Blog XQChronicles

One comment

  1. OMG! I love poems, and this is a great love poem for our continent.
    What a nice composition there about Mama Africa! I love Africa

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