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Planning a vacation can proof to be a daunting task, even for an experienced traveler especially if you approach it the DIY (Do It Yourself) way. To say the least, there are a thousand little details that go into every trip whether Safari or Beach. We’ll plan and guide you through every step to provide you with something no one else can – the greatest memories.

You can save money, time and a whole lot of headaches by using My Global Attitude. Get everything you need in one stop from your perfect Safari or Beach holiday, pointed packing tips, security tips, banking to weather at your preferred destination. Yours will only be to pack your bags and hit the road.


Having grown up in Kenya and traveled extensively across East, Southern Africa and across Europe and Asia, I’d like you to enjoy the beauty of East Africa, and South Africa. For Kenyans who’d want to travel to Asia and Europe, I got you.


Your experience and happiness are our number one priority.  Through an inimitable combination of local knowledge and global service level, we design your custom itinerary absolutely FREE and with no obligation to purchase.

Let’s create your perfect vacation for you today! Assist us with a few details by filling the below form.

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