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Comments (3)

  1. Hey sasa, Awesome travel attitude u go there! Great trips and experiences, i gotta say am happy for ya. Keep up the exhilarating adventure tours around tha world. you kno wat they say: The World is a Book, If u dont travel, uve only read the first page. Gracias!

    1. Hi Philip,
      Thank you for the good words. I am glad you enjoy my blog stories. I hope they inspire you enough to open the next page of the world to you.
      Stay at it and share with your friends.
      Muchas gracias !

  2. Hi Carolina,
    Nice website but I am not able to read most of your posts using google chrome. The links are not clickable e.g Escapades, Smart traveler, the header image posts running at the top. Basically most of the stories. They work though on firefox.

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