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My First Time Flying: So Embarrassing #2


Hey, guys! I’m back with the second episode of ‘My first time Flying ’. From the reaction I got after episode #1 i’m comforted that this doesn’t only happen to me and with that i declare myself a normal person 😀

For those who are yet to share, why not whisper to me your little embarrassing story on the comments box below? I promise I won’t tell anyone 😉

In this episode, i’ll talk about two crucial issues and also revisit my snobbish seatmate’s little quirky behavior. Stay with me.


Toilets in the plane? I was wondering why people were walking around inside a moving flight. Since curiosity killed the cat and didn’t want to be a victim, I got out of my seat to see for myself. I found a queue at the back of the plane.  To my amusement, it was a bathroom. You mean we have bathrooms in aircrafts?

You must forgive my ignorance because  I only used Google during class assignments. You should have seen me when I entered the bathroom.  I was aw-shucks, clicking every button to see what happens next. Everything seemed like a movie.
I flashed twice and was startled by the pressure sound, not water like normal toilets back home.

In-flight Entertainment Screen

Perhaps i could catch the day’s news here, i thought to myself. Like everybody else, I had been given a pair of headset by the lovely cabin crew.  Now it was time to use them.

Can you imagine I couldn’t figure out where to plug them? I searched and searched in vain. Again I feared to ask my grim-faced neighbor. I mean, i had used computers before but this was ahead of my game.

I didn’t own an iPad or tablet then but at least I was convinced if I touched the palm-size screen it’d respond. I touched here and there and since I could only see and not hear, I gave up again and slept instead.

My seatmate finally speaks

A few minutes to midnight our lovely captain reminded us that we were approaching Doha (HIA). Looking down from my window I was greeted with this beautiful city lights.

My seatmate also took a quick glance and for the second time (first was a deep voiced ‘Hi’ ) he said ‘Isn’t it beautiful? I have not seen another city with such a beautiful landing view like Doha. Well, I nodded in agreement.  How could I know when it was my first time in the skies?

To more love and laughter,

Carolina | My Global Attitude



Comments (4)

  1. This is funny!
    My experience was worse but i was seated with a more helpful seatmate 😀
    This is the only blog that shares real life experiences that we can directly relate.
    Keep doing you girl!

    1. Heya Tracy!
      Lucky you your seatmate was a bit responsive 😀
      Thank you for the kind words. Share the blog with your friends to make sure they don’t miss a detail xxx

  2. Oooooo a nice read to laugh at somebody i know when my mind is tired. By the way, why do they use lavatory instead of bathroom or toilet? I searched for the toilet/bathroom in vain. Went even to ask the cabin crew where the toilets were. Only to remember lavatory meant ‘toilet’ in my native english. My desire to be on the window seat (inspired by pictures of those who had flight experience) made me take the Window seat knowing well that mine was aisle seat. Tried to be cunning enough to convince the owner of the window seat that it was mine based on the arrangement system, but my cunning skills had expired after 8-4-4. Unfortunate she also wanted the same experience and on my first flight experience didn’t get the sky view. Next time i made sure to check-in online to get the wonderful window view,,, unfortunate my flight was at night,, so no much view. So i still have no day-sky view from the plane. Hope my next flight i will get the window view………..

    1. Lavatory hahahahaha! Yours is even funnier! And your slyness was quickly stopped when you met a more convincing seatmate 😀
      Honestly can’t stop laughing 😀 😀
      Thanks for passing by xxx

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