First time flying by My Global Attitude

My First Time Flying: So Embarrassing #1


Do you remember your first time on a flight? I vividly remember mine. It was in March 2013 and I happened to fly with one of the best airlines – Qatar airways. I was solo and heading to Doha,  my final destination.

My first flight happened to be the Boeing 787 Dreamliner- the hype was real guys! This flight was booked by my sister who in her wisdom selected the window seat for me (bless you, Debra).

My seat mate was some Indian guy(zero pun intended) and was somewhat snobbish. Since he had arrived earlier  taking the aisle seat, I excused myself to the window seat giving him my signature smile, you know it, right?

The cabin crew was very welcoming as always and they served us with hand towels. One thing I must commend myself though is I knew how to fasten the seat belt.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking…. my eyes went wide open as the safety introduction was conducted. That time it was practically demonstrated by the boys and girls in their spectacular maroon uniform. You know these days they play a video staring FC Barcelona.

Dinner was served… and that is where my problems started. First I was asked to give my order and OMG the cabin crew tweng was the first problem. All I heard was blah blah blah… chicken and you guessed right, my answer was chicken.
The second problem was how to set the table. For that I gave my seatmate a 22.5 degrees eye angle, you know that angle you used when confirming your exam answers back in the days? and I got it! Remember i don’t want to look stupid and naive, I’m sure you understand me, don’t you? I tell you it was a great challenge eating in that space no bigger than a paper tablet.


First Time Flying with My Global Attitude
A folded aircraft table

My order (chicken) was served plus all that 3 parts of the course meal at once. What should I start with? I was anxious. My seatmate suspected I was up to something and now he decided to test me.

So I waited to see what he starts with before I could, but he didn’t start. He pretended to be now enjoying the movie he was watching than before, poor me!  The table was too small for me, probably my economics lecturer did not emphasize enough the law of utility in class.

Drinks were later served so being a kimbele mbele I ordered white wine because i had read somewhere that white meat should be paired with white wine. Can’t even remember then name of the wine even if i wanted to. I ended up taking 2 bottles (you know those small ones the size of a beer bottle? )  Maybe the wine girl Jean Wandimi can tell us how they call them.


First Time Flying with My Global Attitude
Typical airline food

Freezing my brains off. You know most airlines always have their fans on to cool the cabin before boarding?  I was freezing cold but didn’t know which button to turn it off.  Remember I’m at the window seat where I cannot ask the crew without my seat mate hearing. I tried one button but instead of rotating it I was pushing it, doing it with a lot of fear of getting it wrong, and i still got it wrong :(.  My height is to blame for that. winks*

Seat inclination. Seated beautifully with my seat belt on all through, the person seated in front of me suddenly inclined his seat. Throwing my eyes to the next row, the person seated across had their seat inclined as well and was actually sleeping. I wanted to do the same. But how? Which other button now? I didn’t want to ask- it’d look like I don’t know so I tried and tried and tried.

Never got it right. I gave up, sat with my back stiff, my leg space compromised because of the guy seated in front with his seat leaning towards me.

By now i’m sure you can guess things were not so good here.

First Time Flying with My Global Attitude
This was exactly my predicament.
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And the escapade continues shortly.. I’m sure you’re eager to know how i developed My Global Attitude.

Stay tuned.

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  1. This is sooo hilarious! Where’s that subscribe button now..

    1. Hi Grace,
      I’m glad you enjoyed the post. The subscription button pops up within one minute in the website. Wait for it as you enjoy the post, type in your email address and click ‘submit’.

  2. I totally relate to this story…only that in my case i arrived to the airport 10 minutes to time. I thought flying is like taking a bus at BS. Sema kuachwa 😀 Had to add 3k to be booked on the next flight, luckily it was a local flight

    1. Haha Francis, kumbe tuko wengi 😀
      Yours is more serious.. 10 minutes to flight take off? LOL
      Thanks for reading xxx

  3. Haha…can relate to my first flight in 2009 it was a local flight a fokker aircraft the same make like the official presidential plane that carries our president on official trips.The take off was the scariest part for me…was really sweating?

    1. Hi Titus,
      That was a ‘classic’ aircraft , Lucky you haha! Too bad there were no selfies during that time otherwise i’d have loved to see one of you 😀 😀

  4. Totally embarrassing Carolina! Well, not as embarrassing as my first time flying experience. First, i showed up to the check in counter late, thinking i was catching a bus. Thank heavens i didn’t have a bag to check in otherwise i’d have missed the flight.
    Secondly, i couldn’t figure out where the bathrooms were, and just like you i was embarrassed to ask. I totally relate with this post 😛
    A story of a young and naive girl lol

    1. Hi Jessie,
      Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad somebody relates to my embarrassing situation I mean, there is always a first time to everything, and that’s how we learn. Hope you finally got the bathroom Lol.

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