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How I slept hungry in a Kenya Airways Flight


20 February 2015. My first time travelling to Europe. My first time flying the pride of Africa, Kenya Airways. And my experience with the latter was quite something.

I’m that type who works full day then travels at night. Full day balancing accounts, 2 hours on the notorious Nairobi traffic, two hours running up and down at check-in, baggage drop, passport control and airport security.   That means by the time i board that plane, my friend, i’m as tired as a coffee mug.

My flight to London was at 11.45 PM and I couldn’t contain my excitement despite the long day.

Seated on seat 25J -I still have the boarding pass by the way. How do i throw such a document? That’s evidence that i indeed travelled to London, but do I say.  I actually think I should laminate and put it in a frame so that the evidence lasts longer: D

So, as soon as we took off, I slept, soundly. I mean I was too tired and my body couldn’t hold on for longer. You must note that it was winter in London and I was dressed ready for the season. Booom!!!

But before you judge me, who stays awake past midnight if not a night runner?

Food was served when I was busy snoring. Drinks were served and dishes were collected. I was still dead asleep. And the good boys and girls in red and black couldn’t be bothered to wake me up.

At exactly 2 AM, I woke up, starving to death. My stomach couldn’t shut up. I raised my head and none of the cabin crew was anywhere to be seen. You know how a Boeing 787 Dreamliner is humongous! I threw my eyes here and there, but nothing.

Thank God for Activists

I turned to my seatmate and said ‘I’m starving!’. She was a typical Mombasa woman, dressed in a black hijab and a human rights activist living in London. You know how they are well endowed and vocal in Kiswahili sanifu. She said to me’ They must give you food, now!

She called out loudly but nobody was there to answer. Her voice was now waking everybody else up. She disturbed peace in that aircraft, my friend until the crew team woke up. I’ve never seen a plane with all cabin crew sleeping the same time by the way, leaving the cabin unattended. But as they  say , there is always a first time.

First, before the lady could ask what I was eating, she was first given msomo like she’s never heard before. What’s wrong with you Kenya Airways? Do you think we are flying for free? How do you all go to sleep? Do you think this girl too small to talk for herself? That is why I’m here. I’m like her mother. Can you serve her now, and also give me drinking water…….. She went on and on. I was seated quietly and a little bit guilty for causing all this drama. The stewardess was also quiet because who dares speak when an African mother is talking 😀

So the lady never took my order. She just walked to the kitchen and brought me a serving with 3 pieces of bread. She must have guessed how hungry I was. She also served the lady with water, and me too. Pouring in those tiny glasses, my Mombasa seatmate took two, and I took two as well.

We both asked for more and the lady, cabin crew, was now getting fed up with us. First, we woke her up from her beautiful sleep and now we are making her a water-serving statute. The Mombasa woman asked for the whole 1-liter bottle and the lady said politely ‘sorry m’aam, we don’t serve in bottles’.

And my she released another of her msomos. ‘’You think we paid $1,300 to be starved of water? Can you give us the full bottle or just stand there and keep pouring in our glasses until our thirst is quenched’’. This time round she spoke in a shy British accent. I mean, this was a 8-hour direct flight so we definitely needed a lot of water.

The stewardess had no choice but to leave the whole bottle with us. She then cat walked back to her sleep, annoyed. She never returned to collect my dishes until breakfast time and i totaaly understand her. I wouldn’t have returned either.

If you happen to sleep in the plane and the hot trolley bypasses you, here’s what to do instead of causing drama:

  • Walk quietly to the kitchen and ask for food.
  • Be nice to the crew team and they will give you extra portion

Have you read about my first time flying experience ? Make sure you do 🙂

Don’t be shy. Share your flying experience at the comments box below.


Cheers to more love and laughter,

Caroline | My Global Attitude

Comments (8)

  1. hahaha good read…God bless that coastarican woman!!

    1. God bless her indeed! It’s unfortunate i didn’t take her contact address 🙁
      She looks like a good no nonsense role model 😀

  2. This is hilarious, and sad at the same time.
    It is unfortunate when airlines take passengers for granted and yet a flight ticket is the most expensive thing in a travel budget 🙁

    1. I know Danny, right? Airlines must respect every dollar from our pockets.
      At least they finally gave me something to eat after all that drama 😀

  3. Oh dear! This is sad.
    I know Kenya Airways is not the best airline especially for economy class but i think the shouting ain’t good.
    Thank you for sharing. I like your consistence and i guess it’s out of your passion for travelling.
    I also love travelling so you’re a great motivation.

    1. Thank you Anita for your kind words.
      I agree KQ economy class is not one of the best but they do have world class business class. Too bad the price cuts us off unapologetically 🙁
      Keep travelling xxx

  4. Drama! Drama! This is all comical. The woman activist had a lot of energy!
    Poor cabin crew!
    I had a similar experience on my flight to Paris though i wasn’t as hungry but was thirsty!!! I woke them up and they gave me water 😀
    I enjoy reading your blog.

    1. Thank you Jacob for keeping at my blog. About your flight to Paris, shame man!
      I respect Cabin crew because they are working when i’m sleeping in a flight but i don’t think they should all go to sleep, at least one should be awake just in case.
      The drama was uncalled for but it was an experience worth writing about.

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