Champagne Pops as My Global Attitude Turns 1


Stand up, twist the bottle, hold it firmly because the cork is about to fly in celebration of My Global Attitude blogiversary!

A year ago, I embarked on a journey that I’ve grown to be very passionate about. A journey of encouraging  young people to live their dream doing things they like, doesn’t matter what. A journey that believes one is never too old to start doing something they like. A journey of Travelling, and Blogging.

It sounded insane at first and still does today when i say i’m an Accountant by profession and people give me that look of ‘How is accounting related to blogging?’ Travelling to me is as important as oxygen to all of us :D. Of course i’m kidding. An equal sign cannot fit between oxygen and travelling. I’m glad to celebrate my journey of passion with you. We have come a long way, and this is just the beginning.

In this post, I document my journey in blogging with special attention to the people I’ve met along the way.


Transitioning From The Kenyan Wanderer

Sometimes in life, one could start from A heading towards Z but end up getting stuck in K or spreading their branches outwards. Such is life. Many of you asked why i re-branded from Kenyan Wanderer to My Global Attitude and my answer is still  same as one I send to your inbox; Life can take a different course from the one we intended and all we got to do is to embrace the change and swing by. I’m gonna tell you a story now.

Growing up in the village, my mother was a farmer and used to keep at least one cow for milk for as far as I can remember. The milk would then be partly used for tea and the rest cooled in a container and poured into a gourd. This would be done daily until it reached a certain volume when it could be swirled to produce ghee. During this entire process, the milk in the gourd would ferment and swell like a shaken bottle of champagne. At this point, if you pull out the cork from the gourd abruptly it’d splash all over your face due to the amount of pressure inside. This is exactly the point I was at with The Kenyan Wanderer. Too much pressure to grow. Too much pressure to spread my wings across the globe.

My Global Attitude, as the name suggests gives a more global outlook which mostly defines who I am and what I stand for. The Kenyan Wanderer brand name was a similar scenario as shaking a champagne bottle and not popping it out. In other words, exceeding my potential in a limited space which made me spread the wings, ready to fly.

Getting Nominated for BAKE Awards 2017

Being selected as one of Kenya’s  Top 5 Travel blogs on my first year in blogging is something to celebrate.  I mean, this young blog was selected not in the  new blogs category but in the Best Travel Blog category by Kenya’s finest writers and media personalities like Biko Zulu. Although we didn’t take the award home, I was humbled by your support. May God bless you abundantly.

And you know what? I owe this to all of you reading this post.  You contributed towards this success through reading my posts, sharing your thoughts about the various destinations and travel tips provided, your constructive criticism and interaction on social media. You made My Global Attitude what it is today.

How Travelling Has Impacted My Life

Every time I look at myself today I thank the heavens for the travelling opportunity. Travelling has made me more open minded, see things from a broader perspective and has also helped the way I relate to others. I’m also able to express myself better and more confidently than before.

I’ve met strangers on the road who assisted me unconditionally which has given me a heart of assisting others with no strings attached. One thing I love about the travelling community is the fact that we don’t judge. As you travel you learn to say Yes to things more which brings awesome experiences but can at times lead to silly situations. The fact that fellow travellers will listen to your crazy embarrassing story and not judge makes me feel at home. This makes me a proud traveller.

Places I’ve visited In Photos

Below are countries, cities, towns, and villages I’ve visited since I started blogging. This part is about celebrating the people I’ve met along the way. They make up a huge part of my travelling experience.



Visiting Maasai Village near Maasai Mara National Park



Standing by The Mara River with our guide


After a Safari at Nairobi National Park



Kitengela Hot Glass-with-My-Global-Attitude
Fans day out at Rolf’s Place, Nairobi


Dinner of Low Country Boil with lovely people in Kelowna, British Columbia


Dining at Naschmarkt in Vienna, Austria


Vienna, Austria





Hiking the Table Mountain, Cape Town


Cape Town, South Africa



Cocktail mixing lessons in Livingstone, Zambia


Game of cards in Halong Bay, Vietnam


It’s been such a marvelous journey. Thanks for standing by My Global Attitude, holding my hand when I needed, voting for me when I got nominated for BAKE Awards 2017. I appreciate all of YOU. I love YOU who is reading this.

I’m always very grateful for your comments and thoughts on my blog posts. You could actually picture me smiling when reading them 😉 Be sure to drop them in the comments section below.

PS: I’m always available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to answer all your questions/receive any feedback.


Sending you lots of love, wherever in the world you are.


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