Phi Phi Islands Phuket with My Global Attitude

Phi Phi Islands Phuket, Thailand Travel Tips


Paradise does exist on earth. That was exactly my thoughts when i visited Ko Phi Phi, Phuket during my recent trip to Thailand. Phi Phi islands Phuket is one of the most popular tourist spots in Thailand consisting of six islands easily accessible from Krabi and Phuket by speedboat or longtail boat.

This little paradise is popular for being the shooting location of the movie ‘The Beach’ with Leonardo DiCaprio at Maya bay, the turquoise waters, pure sandy beaches best for diving, snorkeling, speedboats among other bucketful of water sports.

Phi Phi islands Phuket is a destination you cannot afford to miss whether you’re backpacking, on a luxury trip or honeymooning in Thailand.

As a budget traveller, this day trip sounded too expensive but this little sweet voice kept telling me that it was totally worth more than the money. As you could guess, i heeded the voice and took the trip. Any regrets? Definitely no!

That’s why i will share some lessons learned during the full day trip in a speed boat. Things that if you carefully read them you’ll probably enjoy your trip more, just like you’d like. I’m not trying to say i didn’t enjoy but emphasizing a few points which could make your trip heavenly.

Go with me.


Don’t seat in front of the speed boat

So, this is a trick that many bloggers will not tell you. Well, there are pros and cons for sitting on the front part of the boat. First, you get to take good pictures of the attractions as the boat approaches them. However, your ass will not be thanking you at the end of the trip. The speedboat is cutting through the waters at 50 KPH so you’ll be literally bouncing on that seat you won’t believe it.

Phi Phi Islands Phuket with My Global Attitude
Speedboats packed at the harbour


Phi Phi islands are crowded

You checked on Google before you left the hotel and saw how the islands looked isolated, just what you wished for your romantic getaway. You thought wrong. Hundreds of boats drop visitors at Maya Bay, Khai Nok and other islands every minute.

The secret is to arrive early and you can have your moments, swim or snorkel in calm waters or at least take photos without many people and boats on it 😀


Phi Phi Islands Phuket with My Global Attitude
A group of tourists at Maya Bay

Phi Phi Islands Phuket with My Global Attitude

Choose your boat wisely

The Longtail boat is cheaper and slow. Speedboats are faster and more expensive. Choice of boat depends on the amount of time you have at hand or your budget but at some point, opportunity cost concept is gonna be applied here.

If travelling solo, it’s cheaper joining another group. You don’t want to sit in a boat alone with a boat rider who can’t speak English properly. Bloody boring hey.


Phi Phi Islands Phuket with My Global Attitude
Longtail boats packed at Maya Bay


Bargain for boat

Whether using the Long tail boat or a speed boat be sure to bargain with the operators as they always give a tourist price initially.

It’s better to ask your taxi driver or your hotel to bargain for you since some boat operators do not speak very good English.


Phi Phi Islands Phuket with My Global Attitude


Viking cave is not open for tourists

This is a unique site and one of the major attractions in the Phi Phi islands family. Boat operators will stop the boat close enough for you to see the inside and perhaps take beautiful photos like the one below.

The cave was named so due to the drawings found on the cave walls which were believed to have been made by sea gypsies and pirates who sheltered there during monsoon rains.

You may be wondering why so then is this cave so famous. The bird nests, made from bird’s saliva, are harvested and used to make bird soup which is a Chinese delicacy and perhaps the most expensive meal in the world.


Phi Phi Islands Phuket with My Global Attitude
Entrance of the Viking Cave

Buy a waterproof phone bag… Thank me Later

In this world of selfies and capturing the moments real time and posting on Instagram whether in water or about to die, you’ll definitely need one of these to go with to Phi Phi islands Phuket.

They will protect your phone from water when swimming in the beach or kayaking. Don’t miss to take good Instagram photos because you’re afraid your phone is gonna drain in water.

Free fish massage anyone?

This is what you get at Khai Nok island. These beautiful little creatures will run towards you if you throw a pebble in water which they think could be food. At first it feels ticklish but you later start enjoying it. Be careful not to get your feet pricked by the coral stones below the water

At this point you could snorkel or just lay on sand and relax sipping coconut water from the nearby restaurant stalls.


Phi Phi Islands Phuket with My Global Attitude

Khao Nok island

Most boat companies make Khao Nok island the last stop. It has a big beach with calm waters for swimming, snorkeling or just relaxing.

On the back side there’s a market selling fresh seafood, alcohol and soft drinks, coconut water, fresh fruit juice, beach wear and souvenir clothes and toys.

The bar on the right side offers indoor beach chairs if you wanna escape the hot Phuket sun.

Toilets here cost 20 THB which makes no sense to me since it’s a restaurant where you purchase drinks.


Phi Phi Islands Phuket with My Global Attitude



More Money Saving Tips During Your Trip at Phi Phi Islands Phuket

  • Visit during low season
  • Bargain harder
  • Travel in a group or form a group with other solo travellers
  • Buy drinks at 7-eleven supermarkets before you head to the bar. Gets you a little drunk for less

All you need to do now is to share these sage-like advice with your friends on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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  1. I was literally just there a few weeks ago! It was so beautiful!

    1. Phuket is breathtaking! I’m sure you had fun Samantha xxx

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