Phuket, Thailand: A Budget-Friendly Honeymoon Destination


Let’s face it. Not everyone has limitless wedding budget or would like to bother his friends to sponsor their wedding and honeymoon. This, however, doesn’t mean you cannot have your romantic moments as husband and wife in a faraway destination without breaking the bank. Good news is, a budget-friendly honeymoon destination is possible. Let’s plan one now.

First, why Thailand? Thailand comes as a good package for your honeymoon, catering for all your wishes and fantasies – heavenly beaches, dazzling landscapes, luxury beach resorts, authentic Thai cuisine and seafood and insane nightlife making it a perfect fit for your budget-friendly honeymoon destination.

Phuket is an island South of Thailand that was completely destroyed by the 2004 Tsunami but which today you can’t tell whether such a catastrophe happened.

When to Visit

High tourism season in Thailand runs from late November and late March. April through to November has pleasantly good weather, quite wet, with consistent rains dropping in September and October.

Low season months, though wet, make the cheapest time to visit Phuket, Thailand. Save your honeymoon until then 😉

Here’s how much your honeymoon in Phuket, Thailand could cost you:

Book a budget to mid-range  hotel

I always book hotels using Oh, wait! I’m always staying in hostels and Airbnbs to save on cost, but not in Phuket where you can soak yourself in luxury at a pocket-friendly price.

Assuming a 7 nights 8 days honeymoon in Phuket, a B&B hotel room would cost you around $160 or even less. Forget about the big brands. There are so many good hotels not globally known but are a big deal in terms of comfort and coziness. I stayed at the Chanalai Gardens Resort in Kata Noi beach, Phuket.

Tip* Hotels not by the beach but few minutes walk to the beach are usually cheaper than hotels by the beach. That sounds obvious eh.


Budget-Friendly Honeymoon destination with My Global Attitude

Beach and relaxation for free

Relax and unwind in the sun kissed beaches, stroll hand in hand with your babe in the pure beaches, sand as pure as baker’s sugar. You could choose from Patong, Kata, Kata Noi, Karon, Surin among many more depending on how much crowd or quietness you’d like.

Many beaches in Phuket are open to the public. All you need to do is hire a beach chair and an umbrella or if you’re too tight, lay under one of the many palm trees for free.

Tip* Visit different beaches every day for an all round feel. Well, the sand kinda feels the same but the vibe is different in every beach.


Budget-Friendly Honeymoon destination with My Global Attitude

Hire a scooter or ride on a Tuk-tuk to get around

The only trick to ground transport when travelling on a budget is to use public transport. In Phuket, Thailand, use buses, tuk-tuks or a scooter -if you know how to ride. Depending on the distance, one ride by bus or tuk-tuk would cost $2 to $5 on an estimate.

Tip* You can use your home drivers licence or an international licence to drive a scooter in Phuket. Thousands of tourists, however, drive illegally without licences daily. I’m not promoting illegal scooter riding in Thailand here 😉



Eat street Food

Food is cheap in Thailand. Phuket being too touristy is has one of the most expensive meals but still, it’s cheaper than in your country.

Some sit-down restaurants near the resorts offer good food bargains. In every step, there’s a street food kiosk on the side of the road in Phuket. Eat to your fill, go to the gym when you get back home 😀

Also, read where to find street food in Bangkok here


Budget-Friendly Honeymoon destination with My Global Attitude

Watch sunset by the beach

Sunsets are romantic, and they are free! Sit in one of the tens of beaches in Phuket, Thailand and watch the sunset as you lay on the shoulder of your sweetheart. How romantic!


Budget-Friendly Honeymoon destination with My Global Attitude
Sunset at Patong beach

Take a day trip to Ko Phi Phi

This is optional but highly recommended. I’ve written about Phi Phi islands in a previous article detailing how to get there, choice of boats, the Viking caves and why you must take this day trip.

Read it here and keep an extra budget for it. Most tours include lunch, refreshments, and snorkeling in the package.

Tip* There are a gazillion companies and agents even on the roadside ready to book you unsuspecting tourist for a trip to this paradise. Choose wisely. A day trip will cost you around THB 3,800 ($111) pp subject to your bargaining skills.


Budget-Friendly Honeymoon destination with My Global Attitude


Budget-Friendly Honeymoon destination with My Global Attitude
Maya Bay, Phi Phi Islands


Water sports For a Double Dose of Adrenaline

I know we are talking about a budget-friendly honeymoon destination but hey, a little luxurious adventure didn’t hurt anybody. For a chance to conquer your fears and bond with your sweetheart, water sports story can’t be told anywhere else better than in Thailand.

Parasailing is very common in Phuket beaches. It costs between $24 and $40 for five minutes, and the experience is totally golden

You could try other activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, banana boat ride, jet skiing, kite surfing etc depending on how much you’d like to stretch your pocket. Jet skiing and banana boat ride costs around $25 for half an hour each.

Tip* As long as you’re in Thailand, never get tired of bargaining. If you are not good at negotiating, befriend a local and let them do it for you.


Budget-Friendly Honeymoon destination with My Global Attitude
Parasailing in Patong beach

Party and party

Ride a scooter or ride in a tuk-tuk to the party capital of Phuket if you’re not staying in Patong. This is a place to get crazy without judging your partner because hey, you’re in Patong beach!

Drink a cold Chang or Singha, watch ping pong shows, live bands, sing off key and just dance, even if you have two left feet. There is always something happening in Patong. Bangla road is a good choice with many different bars and nightclubs to choose from. Tiger complex is a great place to start

Tip* Try bar hopping for a maximum experience if you are a true night owl.


Budget-Friendly Honeymoon destination with My Global Attitude

Budget-Friendly Honeymoon Destination Planning Final Words?

On total, your budget-friendly honeymoon for 8 days seven nights will cost around $350 for two people on a rough estimate, excluding flight ticket. This cost caters for visa fee, hotel, transport, and food. (Please note this is a very rough estimate and could be different depending on which month you visit).

If you don’t plan to visit another country and return to Thailand, get a 3 months single entry transit or tourist visa for only $35 per person. If under any circumstance you’ll need to enter Thailand again, here’s how to apply for a re-entry stamp in Bangkok immigration.

Also, Read on tips of getting cheaper flight tickets here

See! No need to hustle your friends and family for you to have a fairytale wedding and honeymoon. Here’s the secret, spread love by sharing this post with your friends and family.

Love, love & more love,

Carolina | My Global Attitude

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  1. Wow! Wow! This place looks like a little paradise.
    Caroline you make planning a vacation seems so easy! Thank you for the detailed and informative article. I’m sure many people are going to find it easier to plan their destination honeymoon now.

    1. Hi Mbugua,

      Phuket is truly a little paradise, and planning a vacation is super easy, you only need to pen down the details. Glad this article was useful. Share the info with your friends please 🙂

  2. Thailand is such fantastic honey moon destination. Beautiful place and fantastic photo’s

    1. Thailand, especially Phuket is breathtaking!

  3. How much was your flight and how early did you have to book it?

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