My Qatar Airways Flying Experience


I can say I have clocked more than 1,000 flying hours and it is time to give my honest opinion on my Qatar Airways flying experience.

I’ve traveled on a few airlines and I have to say that Qatar Airways gets big thumbs up from me. You can say because it was my first ever flight, and you’re right, I started flying back in 2013, and with this world class airline, but do I say!

I’m sure you’ve also had your unique kind of experience with Qatar Airways, good or bad, why don’t you share it on the comments box below?

Food & Drinks

Of course, number one had to be food 😀 .Qatar Airways always serves good food, hot, and enough portions. They have a wide selection of meals, serving 3-course even in Economy class. Drinks vary from wines, whiskeys/spirits, beers, cold beverages, tea, and coffee. The most amazing thing is that one can drink as much as they can, including water 😀

Qatar Airways Flying Experience with My Global Attitude

Qatar Airways Flying Experience with My Global Attitude

Qatar Airways Flying Experience with My Global Attitude
This was my menu for Kuala Lumpur-Doha flight


I’ve always enjoyed the good selection and up-to-date in-flight entertainment in all Qatar Airways flights. Next to Netflix, this is the second place i get all the latest movies. If you are traveling with kids, they will be kept busy with the latest cartoons and computer games, all in 35,000 ft.

During my previous Nairobi- Vienna flight, i enjoyed the newly released Gods of Egypt before it showed in Kenya Theaters.

Qatar Airways Flying Experience with My Global Attitude
Photo by : Qatar Airways

The friendliest staff

The staff, both ground, and cabin are quite amazing; bless this lady who came to wake me up from the waiting lounge at Singapore Changi International airport  when it was time to check in. Sometimes layovers can get crazy, not to mention the hard biting jet lag (by the way read more on how to nurse jet lag here).

And the amazing gentleman at Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport who upgraded me to business class when the economy class was fully booked, making it my first time to fly  Business class. Thank you, sir, you made a milestone!

Talking of milestones, this is the only flight which allowed me to sample their wines during a Nairobi-Doha trip, do you now understand when I say their cabin crew is amazing?

Qatar Airways cabin crew is extremely attentive and always smiling. They never get tired of my asking for more and more water since I get very dehydrated during flights. They never go to sleep and leave you unattended, there is always someone awake and walking around.

Remember I started by saying I have used different airlines, and I always fly economy, even for 20+ hour flights, hello fellow budget travelers!

Qatar Airways Flying Experience with My Global Attitude
Photo by: Qatar Airways

Leg room

First, shout out to all short people out there! We are amazing, aren’t we? We fit at the economy class like it was made for us when the tall population is complaining of inadequate leg room.

Anyways, short or tall, Qatar Airways, thanks to their youngest and superior equipment in the skies got your back.  As an experienced jet-setter, I must admit one of the biggest contributors to a comfortable flight, long haul or short haul is the space you have, mostly known as leg space.

On the down side, some ground staff at the check-in counter in Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport are quite something else. Quite proud (well you are kinda allowed since you work for one of the best airlines in the world, but hey, my ticket pays your bills).

Now relax and serve us well, even when i have a buddy pass i’ll still ask for your kindness. Some are super helpful and friendly though.

Guess you now agree with me that Qatar Airways is one of the best in the world!

Love & love,

My Global Attitude


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