Seal Island Cape Town: Of Great White Sharks and Cape Fur Seals


Smelly but magical are the two words i can imagine of that best describe this tiny island hosting thousands of Cape Fur Seals and Great White Sharks. Seal Island Cape Town is located in False Bay which is about 16 km off the coast of Simon’s Town, South Africa.

Seal Island is famous for the Cape Fur Seals and the Great white sharks hunting each other like in a romantic Mexican Telenovela, a live show you don’t wanna miss.

You can choose to drive there or take a taxi or do as part of the full day Cape Peninsular tour. Our trip was organized by African Eagle Day Tours and our guide was informative and never rushed anything the entire trip.


Seal Island Cape Town Boat Tour Charges

A 40 minutes glass-bottomed boat trip to this tiny island costs from R40 to R90 depending on which boat company you choose out of the many available. Please note if the sea is too rough, boat tours are temporarily suspended until weather permits.

You actually don’t need to book anything in advance as there are so many boats waiting to ferry you which makes things pretty easy.


Best Time to Visit Seal Island Cape Town

Our guide mentioned that best time to visit Seal Island is late November to early December when the newborn baby seals are on display. Seal birthing season offers the best time for the great white sharks to hunt without putting a lot of effort which provides the best opportunity for visitors to watch the hunt.

You’ll be shocked to see sharks literally flying in the air in an attempt to catch its hunt. Now that’s magical!


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What to Wear

No special gear or clothing is required but normal beach wear or comfortable apparel suitable for hot Cape Town summers.

Camera is a must have so as not to miss any of the seal and shark escapades. A pair of binoculars is also essential if you have one and diving equipment if you plan to do deep sea diving. For the latter, swimming with sharks experience is necessary.




Seal Island Cape Town-with-My-Global-Attitude


Carry Cape Town memories with you by buying tribal souvenirs in this open air curio market in False Bay. Just be sure to bargain for a good price as the prices could be higher if English is the only language you can speak to the locals in 🙁


Seal Island Cape Town-with-My-Global-Attitude


Get entertained by these beautifully choreographed young Mzansi girls with traditional song and dance for a tip.




Seal Island Cape Town-with-My-Global-Attitude


Take Precaution

Our guide warned us against directly taking photos of this man illegally feeding the seals on the shores of Seal Island Cape Town. Apparently if he catches you taking a photo of him he demands for a payment and he could turn hostile if you don’t.

Word has it that he’s dangerous even to the local authorities so you don’t want to be a victim. He’s been in prison for illegally feeding the seals several times and has nothing to lose for beating you up.


Seal Island Cape Town-with-My-Global-Attitude


Have you experienced this and have something to share? Put it in the comments box below and i’ll be glad to share them.

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  1. I would love to see the seals and sharks! Thanks for the tip about the man feeding the seals.

    1. Hi Kat,
      I’m sure you’d enjoy the seals birthing season and sharks peak hunting season 🙂
      Make a plan xx

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