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How To Extend Your Thailand Visa at Bangkok Immigration


You’re in Bangkok and your tourist visa is about to expire. You applied outside of Thailand and was given a single entry visa but you’d like to return to this amazing country. Thailand visa extension process is actually not tedious and takes a few hours to get a new visa/stamp.

Here’s a step by step guide on what you need to do for your Thailand visa extension in Bangkok:

You need to have the following documents:

  • Valid passport
  • 1 passport photo 3.5 cm *4.5 cm (if you don’t have one there’s a shop downstairs)
  • Copy of your current visa to Thailand with stamps into the country
  • Copy of passport biodata page
  • Filled application form (available online or at immigration office)
  • Money – 1000 THB for 30 days transit visa, 1900 THB for tourist visa



  1. Thai immigration office is open 8.30- 12.00 and 1.00 – 4.30. It’s more convenient to visit in the morning hours just in case.
  2. At the immigration office Division 1 section, walk to the reception counter and show them your passport, explaining which kind of assistance you require. They’re friendly and will guide you super fast. They will also give you a form if you didn’t have one.
  3. Fill the form and attach all the copies mentioned above and a photo
  4. Queue up for a ticket number- Tourist visa line is J2 while transit visa is C2
  5. Once your ticket is called, walk into the appointed room where the officer will review your documents and accept your payment. Please note it’s cash only.
  6. You will go back to the waiting bay and wait for your ticket number to be called for passport collection. This will be done in between 15 to 45 minutes.


How to Get to Bangkok Immigration Office

Bangkok Immigration office block is located on Chaeng Wattana road near Don Mueang airport.

If you’re staying far from the Skytrain station, in areas like Khaosan road, you’ll need a taxi to the train station. Take the train headed to Mo Chit station (costs 34 THB from Phaya Thai station).

Once you get off the train station, take another taxi and give the driver the below address. My driver couldn’t understand my pronunciation of the names well and he couldn’t speak English so it’s advisable you print or take a screenshot of the address below:


Government Center Block B
No. 120 Mu 3
Chaneng Wattana Soi 7
Thung Song Hong, Laksi
Bangkok 10210


When i applied for a Thai visa back home, i was given a one-month transit visa but my return flight from Hanoi, Vietnam would make a stop at Bangkok airport which i wouldn’t be allowed to board without a valid visa.

My options were to take a flight from Hanoi to Singapore or Malaysia where i could visit without a visa (such an expensive option) or try it with the Thai government to have it extended.

My second option worked perfectly and got my visa extended.

I consider this article extremely helpful for you and all of your friends planning to visit Thailand in future. Please spread the word by sharing this it on your social media channels.

While in Bangkok, i recommend a trip to Chatuchak weekend market.


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