Tranquil Book Café in Hanoi, Vietnam


Surprise! There’s actually a corner in Hanoi where you can get some peace and quiet in the middle of all the car horns and scooter noises. Tranquil Books & Coffee is a small book cafe in the heart of Hanoi located on 5 Nguyen Quang Bich street, Hoan Kiem district that offers a European style setting for coffee and book lovers.

I come from Kenya where the best coffee in the world comes from and my tongue is smart enough to tell the different grades of coffee. winks** Being in Vietnam for me was being at the right place at a time when good coffee was being served.

Forget Europe. Vietnam is one country that runs on coffee. There’s literally a coffee shop at every corner in Hanoi and are always packed regardless of the time of the day with locals most of them men, and tourists leisurely sipping their favorite beverage over a good chat.

As all book lovers can attest, a good book grabs and holds your attention from cover to cover. You flip the pages zealously devouring each word, line, and paragraphs not leaving anything unconsumed. With a cup of Vietnamese coffee by your side and a peaceful environment decorated with warm lighting all in the middle of chaos, Tranquil Books & Coffee leaves an unforgettable impression that only the combination of both can.

If travelling in Hanoi and run out of books to read or just want to sample out new books then try the shelves of Tranquil Books & Coffee.




The day after our boat tour in Halong Bay, my new friends  Mo and Fee suggested we check out this hidden gem which had been recommended by their friend back home in Germany. Since we were all staying in the Old Quarter, we opted to walk. Dodging the scooters when crossing a street had actually become our hobby so we did quite well.

At some point in our walk we doubted our Google maps because this street didn’t look pretty enough to host such a heavenly place, Tranquil books & coffee. After a second look, we saw it tucked in a corner. Unbelievable! There’s always something to amaze you in Vietnam. Just need to keep an open mind for it 🙂




When it was time to order, we all decided to try something new. I went for a banana coffee, Mo took a caffe Mocha and Fee something i couldn’t pronounce let alone write 😀

None of us could guess how our new orders would, especially my order (Banana + Coffee) ? To my surprise it was tasty, probably the best coffee i’ve had. By the way in Vietnam coffee is served with a glass of cold water on the side, not sure why, perhaps the culture.








Thank you for reading. I always love reading your thoughts, input and questions. If you’ve been to Vietnam, what did you like most about their coffee, and food generally? If you’re planning to visit Vietnam, what would you like to see and try? Comments box is below this post.

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Carolina <3



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  1. Ok, this is terrible for me to say because I am half Vietnamese but… I dislike coffee! It tastes too bitter for me! I mean, I’ll drink ice coffee, and I like Vietnamese iced coffee (Did you get to try that?) thanks to the condensed milk, and I’ll drink fatty iced coffee drinks but… I don’t like coffee! I will consider trying this place after reading your post though haha.

    I also didn’t know that Kenya has the best coffee in the world *hides in shame*

    p.s. I love the little tidbits that you share on your blog and seeing the motherland from your eyes 🙂

    1. Hi Nancy, I loved ice coffee! It’s a good choice. I loved Vietnamese coffee, so authentic! Thank you for always reading my articles.
      Happy Travels!

  2. “By the way in Vietnam coffee is served with a glass of cold water on the side, not sure why”, consider the glass is the salad to prepare your palate for the dessert :). Good to hear you enjoy the country, I wonder what you do you do with a the book you finish reading before you leave. Exchange it for a new one is good a idea, I create a small corner for book lover to exchange book online.

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