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Playing Ducking Game in Johannesburg, South Africa


When travelling sometimes you meet people and other times you meet interesting people. These interesting people and adventures gone bad form my series of travel escapades section.

During my previous trip to South Africa, I was flying with Kenya Airways’ affiliate partner Kulula airlines but my ticket read Kenya Airways so I was busy looking for KQ check-in counter.

You know how big OR Tambo International Airport is. I walked and walked and kept walking. So I met this cop, a middle-aged South African airport police who I greeted and asked him for direction, giving him half of my signature smile 😉 . He quickly scanned my flight ticket and murmured a few words to his colleague.

This good cop offered to drop everything he was doing to take me to Kulula airlines check-in counter. He was quite friendly and knew a little bit of Kenya so he kept the conversation going. He even said I looked like a teacher and for the sake of keeping the story going, I said I was a high school teacher. I have no idea how a teacher’s physique looks like and didn’t want to know, at least not from him.

So we kept walking.  We got to the Kulula check-in counter and this good cop told me to go check-in and drop my luggage as he waited. Wait for me? ‘Yes, because you’ll give me your contact where I can Whatsapp you when you get back to Kenya’. But I thought you were just being kind, i thought to myself. Of course, I muttered ‘thank you’ and proceeded to check-in. No smile this time round.

The guy stood on the side patiently waiting, speaking Xhosa with his colleagues as they giggled. I finished my check in and noticed the guy was looking the other side. I ducked.

I took the back exit and quickly whizzed off. My boarding gate was 23 and since I reckoned he’d know where the Kulula flight boarding gate was, it’s displayed all over the airport anyway, I took the opposite direction and sat at boarding gate 15.

I quickly took off the jacket I was wearing and rolled up a scarf round my neck. Clever girl! I never saw him again.

Sometimes I ask myself whether it was worth all that effort. I could have just given him a random number. Anyway, when you meet such people you could just play street smart like me 😉

Do you have those travel adventure-gone-bad stories? I’m sure you do. Drop them on the comments box below.

Love & laughter,

Carolina |My global attitude





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