10 Reasons Why Bangkok Is One Of The Most Visited Cities In The World


I’m yet to meet any traveller who doesn’t dream of visiting Bangkok. I’m among those who Bangkok had been sitting on my bucket list until i took the trip in March 2017. Expectations were high as you can imagine and i’m glad to report that Bangkok never disappointed.

In this article, i put down 10 reasons why the world’s population dreams of visiting Bangkok so badly at least before they kick the bucket:

1. Street food

A  month following my visit, there was news that the Thai government was banning street food. This news struck a sombre mood across the travelling community and foodies around the world.  People, including me, have made trips from far and wide just to experience Bangkok street food.

Street food is a way of survival for many backpackers on Khaosan Road. In fact, during my stay in Bangkok, i don’t remember sitting in any restaurant to have a meal, i always had it quick and cheap on the street. I have in the past written about where to get good street food in Bangkok.

Read about my Bangkok street food experience here.


Bangkok Street Food with My Global Attitude


2. Colorful Temples

Bangkok alone has over 400 temples. I’m a Christian by faith but most of these temples are eye catching because of their beauty, unique architecture, the Buddha statues, the bling and how highly they’re regarded and respected.

Some temples worth visiting while in Bangkok include the Grand Palace and the Royal Temple of Emerald Buddha(Wat Phra Kaew), Temple of the Reclining Buddha(Wat Pho), Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun), Wat Prayoon among many others.

One thing you must note though is the strict dress code that must be observed by all visitors to all the temples. Get to know about the appropriate dress code here.



3. Grand Palace Complex

Grand Palace Bangkok is one of the iconic structures in Bangkok. This place receives thousands of visitors every day. This once the residence and official location for King Rama I is a big deal in Bangkok’s tourism.

It costs only $14.5 per person to visit areas of the complex including the Wat Phra Kaew. An important thing to remember is to bring your passport with you as they’re checked at the entrance. Also, carry some drinking water and energy bars with you as the complex is massive and crowded so it gets difficult to dash out and back again.




4. Bangkok Floating markets

One of the things that i came to Bangkok for were the floating markets. Coming from Africa where we don’t have canals, this was an awesome wonder. There are five major Floating Markets in Bangkok which varies in size and buzz. They include the Damnoen Saduak, Amphawa, Talin Chan, Bang Nam Pheung, Khlong Lat Mayom among other smaller ones.

Visiting the Floating Markets calls for a lot of hard work i must say. It’s advisable to arrive early before the crowds flood in which means you leave your Bangkok hotel/hostel at 5 am but it’s totally worth it. Be sure to put in your best bargaining skills.

Unfortunately, i lost all the photos i took on that early morning but the priceless memories will live with me. That is the beauty of travelling, don’t you agree?




5. Khaosan Road

This is arguably the party capital of Bangkok. Khaosan Road is a short street in downtown Bangkok which is also known as the Backpackers HQ because of its super cheap accommodation and plenty of street food in almost every corner.

Travellers have fun here both day and night. The best way to explore Khaosan road at night is to buy your beer and drink as you walk enjoying different Live bands, Ping Pong shows, eating different foods and insects and any other thing you can imagine of. I call it people watching on the go.

In fact, if you realize beer is not getting you drunk fast enough, try the easily available Laughing gas sold in balloons for some endless giggles 😀




6. Thai massage

Most people visit Thailand to experience Thai massage. If looking for a high intensity more than deep tissue massage, then Bangkok has your name on it. Thai massage can get so intense which explains why my friend calls it ‘Thai Torture’ in a good way.

Thai massage is readily available almost in every corner of Bangkok whether in a fancy spa or a dark corner at the end of the street. It’s as cheap as $10 for a one-hour session, therefore, it’s something worth looking forward to.

7. Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak Weekend Market in Northern Bangkok is a mother of all markets. They sell everything sellable on earth from pets, clothes, both fresh and dry food, live and dead flowers, antiques, furniture name it.

Their prices are cheap but just remember you’re in Bangkok and as long as you don’t speak Thai, you gotta bargain for a local price 😉

On an earlier post, i listed several ways of visiting Chatuchak market like a local. Read here.


Chatuchak Weekend Market-Bangkok-with-My-Global-Attitude


8. Soi Cowboy and Lady Boys

I know my mother will never read this but be prepared to pick up your jaw in Bangkok’s Red Light District as you watch these painfully beautiful young Thai girls pole dance. The Lady Boys show is also not to be missed. One of the guys in our group called the show a ‘Disney world for adults’ 😀

Be careful though if you’re travelling with your girlfriend who may not be fascinated by how you stare at those beautiful girls. I’m not ready to hear another breakup story 🙂

9. Affordable Luxury

Bangkok is one of the few places backpackers like me can afford some luxury during their travels. You’re likely to find pocket-friendly resorts and hotels, with 5* hotels available for less than $100 during low to mid season.

In Bangkok, you can eat, drink, sleep, get pampered, take a taxi for much less than in your home country. High-end restaurants sell food for much less than you could guess, so what are you waiting for? Luxury awaits you on a rooftop bar in Bangkok!

10. It’s easy to get around

Jump into a Tuk Tuk, hire a scooter, take a metred taxi, rent a car, take a bus, a train etc. It’s just so easy to get around Bangkok.

Life gets so easy if you know how to ride a scooter as you can simply beat the rush hour traffic. If you don’t ride a scooter like me, the Tuk Tuks are an amazing option. Just to warn you, the drivers are likely to quote a touristy price so remember to bargain before you board. Once you board you’ll most likely pay whatever the driver quotes, which can sometimes be a rip-off.




Thank you for making it to this far. I always enjoy reading your thoughts and input which you put in the comments section. I highly regard them.

Is Bangkok on your wish list or have you actually visited already? Why do you so badly want to visit this world-known city? If you’ve visited, what thrilled you most? Drop your answers in the comments section below.

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Comments (11)

  1. Awesome summary! I’ve been to bangkok twice and I simply love it. Despite the crowds, if you know where to move around, it’s the perfect city to have fun and also enjoy the cultural aspect!

    1. Hi Costa, Bangkok is awesome. I’d go back again. Glad you had a fun!

  2. You are so right.. I’ve bever been to bangkok but I’d love to visit there mainly for street food, colorful palace and floating market

  3. I was in Bangkok for less than 24 hours. It was pretty crazy! Definitely a memorable experience, thanks for bringing me back!

  4. I’ve been to Bangkok twice already and I had a completely different experience each time. Bangkok is such a large and beautiful city to visit! Will actually be coming back again for an extended stay and will visit some places you listed in this post 🙂

  5. Have heard so much about these floating markets..they must be lovely! I am yet to visit Thailand some point, I hope

  6. I LOVE Bangkok. Mainly for all of the reasons you listed but affordable luxury is probably my favorite thing!

    1. Thanks Natasha. Bangkok is great, will surely visit again.

  7. Would love to go to Bangkok. Seems nice place to try the food and experience the Thai massage 🙂 x

    1. You’re right Yanika. Thai food is a favorite, especially Pad Thai, and the Thai curries. And the massage, OMG! 🙂

  8. I can never get enough of Bangkok. A city that accommodates all ages.

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